Hotel Policies



Pet Policy and Agreement

The 3ONE3 Boutique Hotel, LLC (“3ONE3 Hotel”) does not allow pets.  For the health, safety, and enjoyment of all of our guests, staff, and owners the following Pet Policy has been established:

There is not a pet fee for an ADA compliant Service Dog. Pet must weigh less than 80 pounds.  MAXIMUM ONE DOG LIMIT.

  1. At check-in, the guest must declare/register the ADA compliant Service Dog by providing full information and signature required on a Pet Policy and Agreement and the guest is responsible to strictly abide by all policies.
  2. Dogs must NEVER be left unattended in the room at any time, whether or not the dog is in a kennel crate.
  3. $100.00 fee for unattended dog(s) in hotel room.  Unattended dog(s) may be removed from the room or hotel property by Hotel staff and/or animal control without liability on the part of the hotel and the guest will assume any/all cost for such removal.
  4. Dogs must be leashed and under direct restraint at all times outside your room and/or on hotel property.
  5. We require each dog and/or ADA compliant Service Dog to wear a collar or harness with current tags attached: identification and contact information, current license, and proof of current rabies vaccination.
  6. We adhere to the ADA definition of Service Dog.  When it is not obvious what service a Service Dog provides, Staff may ask two clarifying questions to determine eligibility 28 CFR 36.302 (c) (6).
  7. There is a $200.00 fee for each undeclared/non-approved dog/pet brought into the 3ONE3 Hotel.
  8. There is a $300.00 cleaning fee, determined solely by management, for a room left in an unsatisfactory condition.
  9. Daily Housekeeping is required.  The dog and/or ADA compliant Service Dog must be removed from the room for housekeeping.  Guests may not request an “IN” or “Do Not Disturb” status if they have a dog.
  10. The Guest is liable for the health, safety, and welfare of their dogs at all times.
  11. Connecting rooms requested by a Guest with a dog, excluding ADA compliant Service Dog, will be assessed a Pet Fee, per dog, for both rooms.
  12. Guest agrees and authorizes 3ONE3 to assess charges to the credit card on file at registration for any and all damages discovered prior to or after departure, including, but not limited to: pet odor and stains, repair or replacement of hotel property, excessive and/or exceptional cleaning or extermination charges, loss of hotel revenue caused by the dog, including an ADA compliant Service Dog. 28 CFR 36.302 (c) (8).
  13. Dogs must be clean, fully house-trained, parasite free and disease free (i.e. ticks, fleas, Parvo, etc.)
  14. Except for an ADA compliant Service Dog, dogs are not permitted in: Any common areas.
  15. Dogs are expected to be quiet, well behaved, and non-destructive.
  16. Guests will be given an opportunity to eliminate any noise complaints.  In the event you are unable to satisfy this clause, you may be asked to leave the hotel without a refund and will be financially responsible for any and all costs associated with any compensation that may be given to appease a disturbed guest(s). There is no limit to these rate adjustments or lost revenue. The payment and/or reimbursement for such damage is payable on demand.
  17. Dogs are not allowed in rooms other than that which they are registered.
  18. You are required to clean up after your pets on both hotel property and the surrounding area Alma City Code Chapter 10. Article II. Division 1. Section 10-32.
  19. We understand that accidents are sometimes unavoidable.  If an accident should occur, please call 3ONE3 Hotel immediately so that we may try to prevent any permanent damage.
  20. Dogs are not allowed directly on hotel furniture, including beds. Please ask for pet sheets/covers.
  21. Do not bathe your dog in the bathtub or sink.  Failure to abide will result in an additional cleaning fee.
  22. 3ONE3 is not responsible for dogs that may exit guest rooms or hotel exit doors, including but not limited to any escape as a result of hotel staff entry or exit of the premises or access to the guest room.
  23. We reserve the right to require room changes, removal of dog(s) from the premises, refuse or discontinue service without refund if in the hotel’s sole discretion, the dog is considered dangerous, unhealthy, or likely to frighten, harm, disrupt hotel guests, has damaged hotel property, or for failure to abide by these policies.The undersigned guest has read, fully understands and hereby agrees to comply with this entire PET POLICY AND AGREEMENT of which a copy has been received and accepts full financial responsibility of any and all charges as outlined above and agrees to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend 3ONE3 Hotel, its owners, agents, and employees from any and all liability, damage, fines, claims, losses, or cost of any type including reasonable attorney’s fees, arising out of or relating to any claim for personal injury or property damage caused by the dog(s) or Service Dog, and agrees to make reimbursement for such damages on demand.  The undersigned further agrees to release, waive, and forever discharge, and covenant not to sue 3ONE3 Boutique Hotel.